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[movies]Sega Mega Drive \ Genesis LongPlay
Ьн Sega Mega Drive \ Genesis LongPlayÑ
Keywords: playthrough; gameplay; longplay; walkthrough; videogame replay; milozavr; sega; Gameplay part; playthrough part; solution; mega drive. genesis
Downloads: 242
[movies]Various ScHlAuChi Mega-Drive Longplays - ScHlAuChi
Various Mega Drive longplays by ScHlAuChi
Downloads: 223
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [250] Space Invaders 90 - AmyRose
Longplay of game Space Invaders 90, from Mega Drive/Genesis.
Downloads: 113
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [218] - MadMatty
Not the best playthrough as I use all 3 continues. I feel the mega drive could certainly have done a much better port of he arcade game then this.
Keywords: Chase HQ; Sega; Game; Console; Mega drive; Gensis; Longplay; Complete
Downloads: 327
[texts]Sega Genesis Manual: Mega Drive Master System Converter (1990)(Sega)
Sega Genesis Manual: Mega Drive Master System Converter (1990)(Sega)
Keywords: master; converter; mega; convertitore; sega; den; convertisseur; system; del; das; sega master; fighting falcon; master system; parker brothers; mega drive; carmen san; convertisseur master; wonder boy; system converter; convertitore master
Downloads: 96
[movies]Gaiares Longplay (Sega Mega Drive) - PlasmaBlooD
Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Longplay des Sooters Gaiares auf dem Sega Mega Drive.Es war das mir erstbekannte 8MBit Modul und bietet zum Teil beeindruckend grosse Endgegner !
Keywords: gaiares; mega drive; video; genesis; longplay
Downloads: 106
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [166] Madou Monogatari I - JohnX895
Mado Monogatari I is a role-playing video game for the Sega Mega Drive that was the last official Sega Mega Drive game released in Japan. There was never an attempt to release this game outside of Japan. The game is part of the long-running Madou Monogatari series.
Downloads: 79
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [422] TaleSpin - Ravenlord
The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version of the game is a platform game for up to two players, playing as either Baloo or Kit. The aim of each level is to collect at least 10 cargo boxes in order to open the exit.
Downloads: 33
[movies]Slap Fight Special Longplay (Mega Drive) - plasmablood
Video from slap fight special on sega mega drive with yuzo koshiro music :).First Loop 590.000 points
Keywords: slapfight; sega; megadrive; md; alcom; toaplan; shootervideo; longplay; replay
Downloads: 53
[collection]Console Manuals: Sega Genesis and Mega Drive
The Sega Genesis, known as Mega Drive (Japanese: メガドライブ Hepburn: Mega Doraibu) in most regions outside North America, is a 16-bit home video game console which was developed and sold by Sega Enterprises, Ltd. The Genesis is Sega's third console and the successor to the Master System. Sega first released the console as the Mega Drive in Japan in 1988, followed by a North American debut under the Genesis moniker in 1989...
Downloads: 7,506
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [356] Virtual Bart - MadMatty
Lacklustre Simpsons game from acclaim for the Mega-Drive.  The whole game is based around a collection of mini games which are viewing through the eyes of bart in a virtual reality machine.
Keywords: The Simpsons; sega; genesis; mega drive; game; console; longplay; complete
Downloads: 39
[audio]Lakers Versus Celtics And The NBA Playoffs (Mega Drive) - Opening Theme
Opening music from Lakers Versus Celtics And The NBA Playoffs (Mega Drive). Composed by Rob Hubbard.
Keywords: Lakers Versus Celtics And The NBA Playoffs; mega drive; sega genesis; rob hubbard; opening theme
Downloads: 132
[audio]Mega Drive *KKK* -
Mit 30 Millionen verkauften Exemplaren kämpfte das Mega Drive von Sega um den 16-Bit-Thron der Konsolenlandschaft. Dank Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin und anderen Exklusivtiteln stand man nicht unbewaffnet vor dem Branchenprimus Nintendo. Wer genau hat die Hardware des Mega Drives ausgetüftelt? War sie stärker oder schwächer als das Super Nintendo? Welche Titel sollte man sich auf der Virtual Console ganz genau angucken? Dies und mehr im heutigen Kolossalen Konsolen Kompendium ...
Keywords: Mega Drive; Sega; 16-Bit; Sonic the Hedgehog; Ecco the Dolphin; Nintendo; Hardware; Super Nintendo; Virtual Console; Kolossalen Konsolen Kompendium; KKK; Nintendocast; Konsolen-Lexika; Podcast-Reihe; Entstehungsgeschichte; Konsole; Spiele
Downloads: 53
[movies]SNES Longplay [473] Power Drive - MadMatty
I found this version of the game quite a bit more tricky then the Mega-Drive version.  Every level is like racing on ice and the smaller resolution means you don't get to see the corners as quickly, but that's a minor gripe really as its not that much easier on mega drive.  I prefer the mega drive music.  The music here is different, but there is some random instrument that seems to play badly and ruins it...
Keywords: SNES; Nintendo; game; console; power drive
Downloads: 23
[texts]List of Sega Mega Drive games -
This is a list of all the games released for the Sega Mega Drive, also known as the Sega Genesis, video game console. It is a preserved PDF version of the Wikipedia article "List of Sega Mega Drive games" from the date June 30, 2012. This is the article as the reader would see it when viewing it on the website, with 34 pages. There is also another PDF version on
Keywords: Sega Mega Drive; Sega; MegaDrive; Mega; Drive; 16-bit; System; Console; Video game; Video; Games; Game; Complete; Software; Cartridge
Downloads: 246
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay 141 Pit Fighter - xRavenXP
Longplay of game Pit Fighter, a wrestling game where three friends: Buzz (The big and strong ex-professional wrestler), Ty (An agile kickboxing champion) and Kato (A quick 3rd degree black belt) who fight street fight. The Mega Drive version is much better than the Super Nintendo to have more possibilities in the struggle (like picking up weapons and power pill)!
Downloads: 134
[audio]Get The Party Started ( Mega Drive Mix) - Alfred A Scudiero
This is a cover of the song "Get the Party Started" recorded by PINK and written by Linda Perry. It was arranged using a synthesizer plug-in designed to sound like the audio chip in a Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) video game console.
Keywords: chiptune; pink; sega; genesis
Downloads: 22
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [277] Space Harrier II - MadMatty
Space Harrier II, one of the launch games for the Sega Mega-Drive.  The game runs at a pretty low framerate which doesnt help your shot accuracy ;)  Its safe to say if this game had come out a year later, the devs would have better knowledge of the hardware to make the game near arcade perfect.  We have the 32x version for that however.
Keywords: Space Harrier; sega; genesis; game; console; mega drive; longplay; complete
Downloads: 56
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [274] Rambo_III - MadMatty
Early Mega drive game loosely based on Rambo 3 the movie. Its quite short but was played on Highest difficulty. Game slows down to a near crawl when lots of action on the screen. In mission 4, I take too long and miss the time bonus. Im not sure how I could have done that much quicker as I still have to destroy all but 1 ammo box room.
Downloads: 135
[movies]Mega Drive [210] Red Zone - MadMatty
From the developers of Sub-Terrainia comes another ball bustingly difficult game for the Mega-Drive! A preview version of the game was known as 'Hard Wired'. Perhaps a nod to the Amiga scenedemo of the same name by Crionics. While the game can be quite short, your going to be playing levels over and over to get it right as its an insainly hard game. It looks unlike anyother Mega drive game, there is plenty going on that is surly pushing the hardware to its limits...
Keywords: Sega; mega drive; genesis; game; console; longplay; Red Zone
Downloads: 323
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [278] Raiden Trad - MadMatty
Raiden for the Mega Drive.  This port is much better than the snes version in overall presentation.  Played on Hard, I also found it more difficult to kill the heavier vehicles in this version.  I start by leveling the blue laser but as I find it harder to kill enemies I preferred the red wide shot to kill more things on the screen at once.  This version also adds an extra level at the end after the ending.Overall, this is definitely the better of the two versions...
Keywords: Raiden; mega drive; sega; genesis; game; console; longplay; arcade; complete
Downloads: 92
[software]Heavy Unit Mega Drive Special - Kaneko
Heavy Unit (ヘビーユニット Hebii Yunitto?) is a side scrolling shoot-em-up arcade game developed by Kaneko and published by Taito in 1988. It was ported to the PC Engine and Sega Mega Drive by Taito and was released on December 22, 1989. There was also a Mega Drive port by Toho entitled "Heavy Unit: Mega Drive Special" released on December 26, 1990. The player takes control of a star ship that can transform in to a mecha by obtaining a specific type of power up...
Downloads: 74
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [200] truxton - MadMatty
One of the earliest Sega Mega drive games. I could have (Should Have!) stopped after one loop through the game, but as there are 5 endings to unlock, I played this thing 5 times to catch em all! even if they are a little dissapointing and dont seem relevent to anything ;) The difficulty does rampup through each round though, so i guess its still worth watching if you want to see how difficult the game can get...
Downloads: 369
[movies]Mega_Drive_Longplay-106-Aladdin -

Downloads: 276
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 18- The New Genesis Ciel's Mega Drive - The Rev
it took longer to encode than it did to Film. When we last Left The Rev and Dr Levesque they were ready to go to War........ so what happens now? Well WE FINALLY have a premise for this damn show after 18 Episodes SO what greatness is covered this episode? TMTN: The Mutant Warriors (AKA Torunament fighters) SNES version MMPR THE FIGHTING- SNES Pretty Fighter- SNES Osu Karate Bu- SNES Guardian Heroes- XBOX 360 AND THEN...........
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 95
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [167] Desert Strke - MadMatty
The First in the Strike series. The original Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf on Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. All the strike games are fondly remembered and the franchise should be braught back. It was ported to pretty much all the consoles out at the time, including Master system which looks great everything concidered. The Ultimate version however fell on the Amiga. With its extra gfx and sounds it makes this version abit bland and lacks abit of immersion...
Keywords: Desert Strike,Sega,Game,genesis,mega drive,console,longplay
Downloads: 505
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [275] Zool - MadMatty
Classic Amiga game ported to the Mega-Drive. 50 fps PAL version played as I found the 60fps ntsc version too damned fast :O Other YTube vids use it do you can compare. The longplay could certainly be a lot shorter, but I have tried to show where the big point bonuses are and some extra lives. It should be all of them, but I cant say for definite that I have found them all. I could only find the bonus mission once, and that mission is rock hard even if its only 30 seconds long...
Downloads: 80
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [359] Kyuukyou Tiger - JohnX895

Downloads: 30
[movies]SpeedRun - Sega Mega Drive -
Keywords: SpeedRun Sega Mega Drive Playerup
Downloads: 237
[texts]List of Sega Mega Drive games - by Wikipedia - site's Print export version -
This is a list of all the games released for the Sega Mega Drive, also known as the Sega Genesis, video game console. It is a preserved PDF version of the Wikipedia article "List of Sega Mega Drive games" from the date January 30, 2012. This is the version using the Wikipedia's sites "Print/export - Download as PDF" option, which they slightly edit removing one of the images, and stretching the text over 44 pages, with a "Contributers" s...
Keywords: Sega Mega Drive; Sega; MegaDrive; Mega; Drive; 16-bit; System; Console; Video game; Video; Games; Game; Complete; Software; Cartridge
Downloads: 45
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay 354 Road Blasters - MadMatty
Road Blasters has been ported to pretty much every every platform of its time.  While non are a perfect representation of the original arcade version, the mega drive port is probably the most accurate and best of all the ported versions.  The controls are very sensitive in this version which takes some getting used to.  I have recorded all 50 levels on rookie difficulty.  I have also recorded a much shorter run on Expert difficulty although there is no real differences apart from the added s...
Keywords: road blasters; racing; rally; arcade; port; conversion; sega; genesis; mega drive; game; console; complete; walk through; longplay
Downloads: 43
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay 180 Zero Tolerance - kireev20000
It was one of the only Mega Drive/Genesis first person shooters. Due to the limitations of the hardware, the player's view of the 3D environment was restricted to a fraction of the screen, with the player's HUD, a map of the surrounding area, and the player character's ID card comprising the rest of the screen space. Still, it featured impressive visual effects for its time and especially for the Genesis, a system with hardware that lacked much of the necessary scaling and rotation technologies ...
Keywords: playthrough; gameplay; longplay; walkthrough; videogame replay; playthrough; solution; Video Game; speedrun; videogame
Downloads: 246
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [323] Golden Axe (a) - Tarosan
Golden Axe is a side-scrolling, beat 'em up, hack and slash arcade video game released in 1989 by Sega for the System 16-B arcade hardware. It is the first game in the Golden Axe series. Makoto Uchida was the primary developer of the game and also was responsible for the creation of Altered Beast. The game was ported to the Mega Drive/Genesis and Master System, among others. The game where it all began for Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilus Thunderhead as they set out together again a common foe....
Downloads: 127
[movies]Sega Mega-Drive Longplay 145 Psycho Pinball - MadMatty
A simple yet fun pinball game for the Genesis/Mega-Drive by Codemasters. Its not going to dethrone pinball games on the Amiga, but its nice to play on the sega console non the less. I've tried to show all aspects of each table, although I spent too long on the trick or treat table looking for the mini game that doesnt exists lol. The game was played in an emulator, but the varios sound clicks and gfx corruption is in the Original game running on a real console...
Downloads: 546
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [321] Altered Beast (a) - Tarosan
Altered Beast is a 1988 beat 'em up arcade game developed and manufactured by Sega. The game is set in Ancient Greece, and follows a centurion who is resurrected by Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena, and to do so becomes able to turn into beasts such as the werewolf with the use of power-ups. After its initial arcade release, it was ported to several home video game consoles and home computers, most notably the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis for which it was a pack-in game...
Downloads: 100
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [220] Daze Before Christmas - MadMatty
Christmas themed game that only saw a limited release in Australia for the Mega-Drive. A SNES port also exists. The game is quite easy, but that's not too unexpected as its a christmas games aimed at the younger age group I guess. The game is very well drawn and animated, you can see it definitely had lots of effort put into it so i'm not sure why it was such a limited release. The game can seem quite long and tedious as not much changes between levels game-play wise...
Keywords: Sega; Genesis; Mega drive; Game; Console; Daze before christmas; father christmas; santa; platform; complete; longplay
Downloads: 266
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [288] Probotector - Tsunao
Run-n-gun game by Konami. Sprite swap of Contra: Hard Corps due to censor in Europe at the time. Plus, robots are just too damn cool at times. Something about robots and an alien organization and the X-Drive. There be lots of sliding and aliens and pretty [possibly seizurific] explosions. Plays just like any other Contra game, really. Retains balls-busting difficulty and flipping. Made slightly easier with sliding...
Downloads: 80
[movies]Mega_Drive_Longplay_052_Gynoug - T-0815 Played By: T-0815
Keywords:; Longplay; Mega Drive; Genesis; Gynoug
Downloads: 212
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [177] urban Strike - MadMatty
Third and last game in the 2D Strike series on the Mega Drive. The game opens nicely with the familiar missios layout but as the game progresses im not sure if the developers got bored as the missions get quite small and unimaginitive. Its certainly an easier game upto a point. Im not sure of it was a bug or not, but durring the new york mission, shoot the helicopters, making the whole area a Danger zone was very frustration as it was hard to kill them and the gun turrets...
Keywords: sega,genesis,game,console,mega drive,longplay,urban strike,ea
Downloads: 394
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay 248 Verytex - MadMatty
"Taking place in the future, humanity has finally developed the technology to advance from Earth and maintain numerous colonies. Various planets were discovered and colonized by man, but none of them had established any extraterrestrial existence prior to colonization. The most prosperous planet colony had been set on the planet Syracuse where human technology (and apparently linguistics) flourished...
Keywords: Verytex; game; coneole; mega drive; genesis; sega; shoot em up; longplay; complete
Downloads: 160
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [214] Galaxy Force II - MadMatty
I found this game to be annoyingly difficult and has taken me sometime to finish. I wanted to complete on hard, but had to sell out and set energy to easy as I was just get annoyed with the game. You have a limited ammount of Fuel(Energy) which is constantly counting down. You need to shoot targets which will act as a multiplier at the end of the round to refil your energy. If you hold back and just shoot stuff as it comes, you will run out of energy...
Keywords: sega; genesis; mega drive; game; console; longplay; galaxy force II
Downloads: 276
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [305] Sparkster (a) - xRavenXP
This is a longplay of the game Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 for Mega Drive. It is a direct continuation of the first game released for that console. For some reason, the Genesis version of Sparkster is a completely different. First off, the controls - instead of holding down the attack button to charge your jetpack, it automatically fills, and is activated with the "A" button. Also the meter refills pretty quickly, allowing you to boost multiple times before you hit the ground and don't...
Downloads: 64
[movies]Mega_Drive_Longplay_107_Mega_Turrican - T-0815 Played By: T-0815
Downloads: 154
[movies]Mega_Drive_Longplay_112_Mega_SWIV - T-0815 Played By: T-0815
Downloads: 115
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [131] Mega Bomberman - Holandes
A good game for bomberman fans who did not have a snes, one negative point is that lags occur when you have many elements on the screen.
Downloads: 289
[software]TOSEC: Front Far East Magic Drive (2012-04-23)
From The Super Magic Drive, manufactured by Front Far East, is a copier that dumps game cartridge info to four different types of floppy disks or to a PC directly via a parallel port. These files come in SMD format, which in turn can be used on an emulator. In addition, putting different floppy disks in the Super Magic Drive allows them to be playable on the Sega Mega Drive. It also has features for supporting battery-backed RAM present in some game cartridges, as well as providin...
Downloads: 560
[movies]Mega_Drive_Longplay-129-Skitchin -

Downloads: 82
[movies]Gleylancer Longplay (Sega Mega Drive) - PlasmaBlooD
Good Sooter fom NCS :)Nice intro and nie gamemusic :)
Keywords: gleylancer; ncs; sega mega drive; genesis; shooter; video; longplay; replay
Downloads: 43
[movies]Mega_Drive_Longplay_075_-_077 - T-0815
Downloads: 231
[movies]Mega_Drive_Longplay-026-Probotector -

Downloads: 147
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